Monday, February 14, 2011

happy happy happy news :)


yesterday morning, there was a FT Bowling Tournament at UBowl, One Utama, Damansara. saje je join with the office mates. menunjukkan skill kami yang takde skill. muahahaha. and of course, my points for all the three games tak sampai 100 pn each game. tapi takpe, good try good try. hahahaa. 
right after the games, my youngest sis called. she just shouted "kakaaakkkkk!! kak pija dah nak beranaaaaakkkk!!!" i was like, whaaaatttt??!!! omg omg omg. im nerves. kekekekeee. ok terover reacted. hehee. i just pesan kat die if baby dah melihat dunia, do call me immediately! agagagagaggagagaa.

later that afternoon, my mom called and told me that my 1st nephew has arrived! arrived? is it the right word? hehe. baby dah melihat dunia! dah puas dah duduk dalam mommy's tummy. yayyy!!! baby boy, 2.66 kg :) thennnnn, i got the 1st picture!! let's seeeee...

ohhh emmm jiiii!!! putih melepakkk!! commeyy commeyyy. i lefyuu sayanggg!!!

then, got another pic tapi takleh upload due to privacy. hehee. tapiii i browse thru the facebook and i got these photos from my bro's n sis in law's fb :)

heheee. first gambar dah tunjuk gaya seorang hero melalak.

tidooooo je yehhh. ommeyy shangattttt.

kaler mate ikot daddy. cantik! hhehee.

ngantokk jee tapi pasrah. mummy daddy suke tangkap gambar so baby redha je ok sayang :)

baby with junior auntie. kak pija's youngest sister. caringnye anis :)

oh yes. i can't wait to see u sayangg! before this tak berani pegang baby baru lahir tapi saya bertekad akan belajar untuk pegang this baby boy. heheee. ini la cucu first for both side. so he will be sangat manja dan dimanjakan. be good ye baby :)

dear baby, your presence brings joys to our family. jadilah anak yang soleh to your mommy and daddy and abang yang baik to your future bros n sis. hehehe. kpja, more to come okkk! kekeee. and sayang, u will be loved oleh semua orang. that's for sure! love love love uuu :)

i'm a proud auntie. heh heh heh :p


bun_nee said...

comelnyee bby..tahniah

Ilyani Hashim said...

Tenkiyu auntie bunnee. Heeee :)