Wednesday, April 1, 2009


shite!!! my hp ilang... giler!!! saket hati + bengang + mengong = gilozz!! adehhh.. sayangnyeee... hukhukk.. sedeyyy... all the info kt dlm tu sgt penting.. n also the pics yg x smpt transfer.. siyesly sedeyyy.. uwaaaaa... hp tu x kesahhh.. nk info kt dlm tuuu.. sape yg amek eh?? jahat la if die amekk.. mintak2 tepon tu xde org amek.. mintak2 la die da hancusss.. that way i'll feel waaayyy better.. huuu...

goodbye to u p1i.. i'll be missing u.. :((

hello to u n96.. be good ya.. i'll be with u.. :)

but still, sedeyyhhhh... :((

p/s: to all my sayangs, pls leave me ur numb as sume numb da ilannggg... uwaaaa.. my simcard x active lg but will be active in few days so just email me ur numb or tinggal kt mane2 inbox at fb or fs.. luv yu all..