Sunday, May 3, 2009

so long..

so long that i havent update this blog of mine.. bz? maybe.. tp xde la bz sgt.. just x cukup masa utk mengupdatekan story bout me.. a lot of things happened in april but nothing special happened to me lately.. i cant remember all the things happened and i just can recall certain things only.. (act, mls nk pk byk2.. heheehe)..

on last 18th of april, i went to penang with officemates to meraikan officemate lg sorg kawen.. bile la my turn eh?? just wait n see.. hehehe.. yg penting, bkn mase terdekat laa.. mase terdekat ni i bg org len dlu.. hehe..

a gud news for me is when my sayang finally found a job that suits him well.. the environment pn ok.. the boss n colleagues pn nice.. so what else are u looking for kan syg?? i am soo happy bile tgk he enjoyed his works n die bersungguh2 in everything die buat.. bagus la cmtu.. i know u can do it.. i just sgt happy for him n i'll be by his side all the time.. tu je yg i mampu nk buat pn kan.. hehee..

1st may cuti.. i went home.. n now pn still at home.. mlm ni br fly back to kl.. tomorrow da keje.. shitee!! buhsan seyh.. xpe2, prac da nk abeh.. lg sebulan setengah.. then i planned nk mintak a month leave before report for full duty.. nk take time to rest.. sambut baby k.emm, preparing for k.long's ceremony (insyaAllah), and go for holiday.. maybe to the europe, dubai n indon.. huu.. need time for those things to be done.. lgpn i mmg x penah amek time off for myself.. that's why my fam pn susah nk plan holiday with me.. xpela, tis time i sacrifice (sacrifice ke??) hehee.. ughhh.. need time to plan sume bnda.. first thing first, need to mengadap HR Corporate utk discuss my "registration".. *sigh*

2nd may 2009 = yesterday, my sayang's convocation... i went to his college bile ceremony tu da abeh.. first2 cm mls nk pegi but after die insist suruh dtg jgk, x sampai ati plak.. tu hari bahagia die, so why not i doublekan his happiness kan.. in fact, die bukan org lain pn.. hehe.. he looked so smart n handsome (bg i laaa.. ;p).. all black.. songkok itam, kemeja itam, slack itam, kasut itam.. n even he isap rokok kaler itam.. brand pe tah.. hehe.. kitorg tangkap 1 gmbr je in front of the college.. n blah sbb die da lapa giler dr pg x mkn.. syiann dieee.. hehehe..

ni kat atas kete otw back.. da serabai sket disebabkan kepanasan yg melampau.. hehe.. but still, handsome! heee ;)

p/s: i'll upload other pics later.. malas nk tnggu loading.. heee.. peace!