Wednesday, June 17, 2009

15 June 2009

sad?? happy?? both! last day of my practical training.. well, tanx a lot guys for the celebration.. really miss u guys already.. w'pn br sehari abis prac.. huuu.. tomoro jmpe blk.. diorg nk blanja lunchh.. tanx again! really appreciate those.. ari tu on last wednesday Central Accounts dah wat celebration.. together with tiger core values.. waaaa.. sedeh2.. siyesly sedeh.. on friday plak Branch GL Unit wat staff meeting.. my very last meeting at Branch GL.. everyone said something to me.. something really special.. very encouraging.. oyien nangis.. waaaa.. dr awal i control je xmoe nangis.. time oyien je sume jd sedeh.. she's my colleague, breakfastmate, lunchmate, n everything.. she helped me a lot in the learning process.. same goes to the others.. they really helped me a lot.. en.ahmad, k.nora, k.linda, carol, nana, abg salleh, abg zam,, k.zu.. oh god.. i couldnt thank them enuff.. how could i repay everything they gave to me.. woooo.. banyak wooo.. huuuu... on 15th, my last day there, dr pg i feel the tense.. xtau la nape.. byk sgt bnd dlm kepala.. nk kena submit resume to HR, nk kena return tag (which has expired on 15th tu jgk.. x menyempat), nk kena wat report n part paling susah was leaving the people.. uwaaaa.. xtau laa.. my future x sure lg cmne.. will be sent to which dpmt pn i dunno.. bile nk stat keje lg la x sure.. byk lg proses before diabsorb msk keje.. huhuu.. but its ok.. now i really nk relax (apart from wat repot).. hehe.. tomoro nite nk blk kb jap.. rinduuu.. huuu.. well, byk lg bnd x setel.. xtau cmne nk handle those.. kna reschedule everything ni.. just to make sure everything is in order.. hmm.. well, these are the things yg still x setel.. shite!
  1. blk kb (17 jun to 19 jun)
  2. pg indon (24 jun to 26 jun)
  3. family day office (27 jun to 28 jun)
  4. submit practicum report (29 jun)
  5. fly to uk (3 july to 12 july)
  6. k.long's wedding (31 july to 1 august)
  7. kupih's engagement (16 august)
huuu.. well, after calculating, i only have 5 days left to complete my report n things utk family day.. i have been given the opportunity to incharge for the souvenirs.. huuuu.. poning!! xpe2 ilyani.. inhale, exhale.. hehe.. orait! everything's will be fine! yess im sure.. pray for me pls..

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, permudahkanlah semua kerja2ku.. amin ya rabbal alamin.. ;)


~C.I.K~Z.I.Z.E.E~ said...

da abes practical??aku jeles!!!

Ilyani Hashim said...

ehehe.. da abes da sygkuu.. xyah jeles2.. sekejap je 6 bulan tuu.. sedeyh weii..

Anonymous said...

miss u,,stop..

ChekguSekolah said... mengalahkan Dato Shahrizat mu nie..

Congratulate sbb da abis praktikal..

xyla said...

rinduuu ko awop..sob3 ;(