Tuesday, July 22, 2008

tension|lonely|missingU|tensionAgain| X(

huhhh... all in one.. last week from tuesday till saturday (15/7-19/7), i was at home.. saje je blk since no one at home.. blk jenguk how was the maids doin.. lgpn ikhlas pn blk from matrix.. prepare nk g egypt nt.. but sadly for him, die pny trip di'extend' smpai lps raye.. badmood the whole day die ms dpt tau tu.. hee..

as for me, i went home not only for dating ;p tp settling bnda2 yg x tersetel jgk.. about the toilet yg xleh nk proceed to repair, about mama's crdt card yg xleh diaccept oleh my maids as diorg xde ic, n evry single thing la.. huu.. i memanfaatkan the 5 days with having fun with him.. hehe.. but at the same time, doin sum asgmnt as well..

just some ordinary things happened at home.. (mls nk recall what had happened act ;p)

blk je campus, omg!! struggle nk siapkan slide show for presentation.. the topic was business income (revenue law subject!) hohoo... this topic sgtlaaa pjg as dr.azi (lecturer) pn divide the topic to be presented by 2 groups n we are the first group.. nk wt slide show and at the same time nk fhm the Acts n cases actually sgt sukar! bcoz kite kna fhm btol2 br leh explain to others.. we all kna present new thing.. means bnda yg x blajar ag.. present dlu n then br lecturer conclude blk pe yg dh kite present.. huhuu...

sunday, monday tu full day kitorg setelkan bnda alah tu.. berjaya gak dgn 69 slides! hohoo.. tuesday (today at 2.15pm until 3.30pm) we have presented the presentation.. and alhamdulillah... relief giler rase.. lecturer pn seemed to puas ati with the presentation.. but ada prob sket ms Q&A session.. bdk2 ni tny soalan yg MICPA bg.. tah hape2.. susah! pastu last2 da jd cm debate plak.. haha.. klaka.. yg x tahan, rmai yg backup tu.. hahaha.. tanx guys!

ok, siap 1 keje! ada lg 2 keje yg menanti.. next sunday, kna anta exercises accounting theory n practices.. monday kna anta 1st draft of strategic management project.. hohoo.. penat3!! ada 3 hari nk setelkan keje yg susah! not tat susah tp more to leceh.. uwaaaa... whatever it is, still kna wat gak kan.. xpe, susah2 dlu.. insya-Allah snang nt kn ;)

well, tonite br tgk sket2 soalan TAP td.. tgk je la.. not in the mood laa.. penat act.. nk tdo awal.. sok clas kul 8am.. da la borim.. huuu...

ok, off for now.. xde mood jgk nk citer pape.. i miss him n my fam so much! xde berita pn from my fam.. td ada msg my sis but no reply jgk.. da lupekan i ker? hukhukhukkk... my darling pon senyap jer.. xpela, he's in the gym rite now.. pasni mst die call kan.. nk wish nyte je n nk titooo... not in the mood of doing anything.. nk ckp pn mls.. nk bkk mulut pn mls.. huu.. helppp!!! helppp!!!

ok2, sgt penat! tataaa~~~

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