Wednesday, June 25, 2008

22nd June 2008

happy birthday to me!!! yeyyy!!! i am 22 today! (i mean on the 22nd of June this year ;p) am a year older than last year.. waaaa.. getting older year by year.. mmg la kann.. hehe.. neway, that day goin on really well.. nothing special though.. tepat kul 12 mlm my phone x brenti2 ringing.. messages n calls from family n frens.. tanx all!! n also kat frenster.. i got lotsa wishes.. huhuuu.. terharuu.. i dun feel like celebrating it since x rmai pn yg ada kat umah.. just mama n abah, adik, k.ning n k.nung, n k.pja.. n also ijiiii.. the whole day tu remy treat me as a princess.. everything that i wished for akan ditunaikan.. hehe.. tp im not that mean la mintak bnda bkn2.. hehe.. tu bia la just between the two of us.. ehehe.. later that evening, mama called.. mama n abah br wish ms tu.. uwaaaaa... they forgot!! heee.. but i dun blame them sbb i noe diorg sgt2 terlalu busy nk handle lotsa things.. tmbh2 da nk g uk ni.. byk bnda nk kna setel.. mama ajak celebrate kat lua.. but no need la kan.. bknnye rmai pn.. so i told mama juz wat kat umah je la.. then, about maghrib cmtu mama came home dgn bwk mknn utk 10 org mkn.. giler byk!! huuu.. piza, kfc, a&w.. sume ada.. huuuhuuu.. cake lg... omg.. terharu n at the same time cm rase sedih gak la.. sbb x rmai yg ada.. kirenye our siblings, just me n adik.. plus k.pja.. the rest xde!! uwaaaa.. x penah celebrate bday cmni tauu.. tp xpe.. mama n abah tried their hardest to make me happy.. alhamdulillah.. after several years x celebrate bday kat umah (since form 4 i think), at last celebrate jgk.. huhuu.. mlm tu mmg full tank mkn.. bestt.. hehe.. tp cake tu ari ni br abes.. cake kecik je tp xde org nk mkn pn.. huu.. tu pn abis sbb hidang kat guests yg dtg umah.. hehe.. after all, i would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody yg make me feel very special that day.. even wish je pn, its more than enuff.. its the thought that counts.. huuu.. thank u.. love u all.. mwahhh..
btw, here are sum pics.. (especially to my sibs yg xde that day.. hehe)

the cake

mane sume org ni?? abah lapa laa.. hekhekk..

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